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Tangier Island Transportation
Captain Eulice - Onancock, Virginia
Steven Thomas, Crisfield, Maryland
Chesapeake Breeze, Reedville, Va.
Chesapeake Bay Eagle, Crisfield Maryland

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Hilda Crockett's Chesapeake House
Fishermans Corner
Lorraine's Seafood & Sandwich Shop
Waterfront Restaurant

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Aunt Ruth's Place - Vacation Rental
Hilda Crockett's Chesapeake House BB
Bay View Inn Bed and Breakfast

Tangier Island-  Parks  Marina

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contact Denny Crockett 

Southern Living Magazine - May 2005
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Tangier Island Real Estate
Coming to Tangier Island from the Eastern Shore or Western Shore of the Chesapeake Bay, contact the below locations for warm and friendly accommodations on mainland Virginia and Maryland.
Accommodations on the
Eastern Shore of Virginia, 
contact the Spinning Wheel BB or The Inn and Garden Cafe in
Onancock, Virginia

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Tangier Medical Information
Tangier Island Medical Information
Tangier Island  Information 
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James Parks Marine
16070 Parks Marina Lane
Tangier, VA 23440

757 8912567

25 slips
No Pump Outs
Showers available for Boaters

Discounted Dockage Fee ---  For a brief stay -  $5.00  up to 6 hours 
Overnight Docking Fee......
Dockage Fee:  $25.  Up to 30 feet + $5. for electrical & water --  $30.00
Dockage Fee:  $30.  Over 30 feet + $5. for electric & water  --  $35.00 

Deep Water -- Up to 5 feet + draft in slips - 
Boats up to 100 feet long have docked at the Marina, marina has deep water of 10 feet or better according to Mr Parks.

Also; there is docking at the County Dock for Loading and Off Loading. 

For other Docking at the Thomas Docks, call Direct 757 891 2240

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History of Tangier
Tangier Island History
Families of Tangier Island to mention a few:  Crockett, Pruitt, Thomas, Parks


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