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Tangier Island: A Chesapeake Bay Island
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Tangier Island is on the Chesapeake Bayside of the Eastern Shore of Virginia  and is located 12 miles into the Chesapeake Bay. 

The Chesapeake Bay, its people, nature and wildlife at its best.
Enjoy historic & educational water tours, kayaking, fishing, bird-watching, crab shanty tours, and more. 

Make reservations early for this year as lodging tends to fill up early. Great time to come to Tangier is now.... (See Below)
Tangier Island, A Chesapeake Bay Adventure
Tangier Island  Information - Click Here


Life on the Chesapeake Bay according to a Tangier Island waterman, "It is not an easy way of life. In fact, it is a true labor of love. 
Commercial fishing and crabbing for the Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab is physical and demanding, but it is the love for the Chesapeake Bay, its wildlife, and its beauty that makes it worth all the aches and pains we live with each day".

Rain or Shine, Tangier Island awaits you! 
A great time, anytime............
For the young and the young at heart........

Tangier Golf Cart and Bike Rentals Year Round: Quality Electric and Gas Golf Carts as well as Bikes for Adults and Children.  Ask about our Seasonal Accommodations:  Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction... 
Contact Tommy or Claudine Eskridge at the Four Brothers Crab House & Ice Cream Deck.   Tele: 757 891 2999 
Email: Tommy@FourBrothersCrabHouse.com

Tangier Island Hideaways.com

Water Trails

Tangier Island Transportation
Joyce Marie II - Onancock, Virginia
Steven Thomas, Crisfield, Maryland
Chesapeake Breeze, Reedville, Va.
R L Charters - Ches. Bay Western Shore
Sharon Kay III, Crisfield, Md.

Tangier Island Restaurants 
Fisherman's Corner
Four Brothers Crab House & Ice Cream Deck

Hilda Crockett's Chesapeake House
Lorraine's on Tangier

Tangier Island 
Bed and Breakfasts

Tangier Island Escape Vacation Rental
'A Watermans Hideaway Vacation Rental
Brigadune Inn
Hilda Crockett's Chesapeake House BB
Bay View Inn Bed and Breakfast
Island Girl Vacation Retreat
Mimosa Cottage

Tangier Island 
Parks Marina

Garden and Sea Inn
Chincoteague, Virginia

1882 Colonial Manor Inn 
Onancock Virginia

Tangier Island Buggy Tours

Tangier Island Eco Tours, Sunset Tours, Crabbing, or

boat tours around the Island 
Tangier Island History
Families of Tangier Island to mention a few: Crockett, Pruitt, Thomas, Parks
Tangier Disease

A Pictorial View of Tangier Island. Photos provided by:
Neil Kaye and Virginia Taylor
Click Here

Additional Tangier Island Photographs


Tangier Island Real Estate

Schooner Serenity and Schooner Alliance


Various Tangier Videos
as shown here!

Tangier Island - Medical

A Waterman's Life

Tangier Island Video
University of Richmond Video

Camping and Kayaking
on Tangier Island


He was known as
"Dr Copter"
Mainland Doctor
Dr David Nichols

While coming over on the Joyce Marie II or the Sharon Kay III, ask the Boat Captains about the afternoon and evening Tours. Also available tour information at the Fisherman's Corner Restaurant and Hilda Crockett's Chesapeake House.

Tangier Island  Information - Click Here

The Biggest* Sports Town in America
*Per Capita  ----   ESPN3.com 
See Tangier Island Video on You Tube

Visit us again soon for additional information on Tangier Island, until then contact us
direct for information regarding Tangier Island: Transportation to the island, Tangier Island Bed and Breakfasts - Accommodations and Lodging, Restaurants, Eco Tours, 
Tangier Island Sunset Tours, anything in general, Click Here.
Chesapeake Bay Charter Fishing, Sunset Cruises, Outdoor Adventures
Upon arriving on Tangier Island, enjoy an afternoon of days gone by. We encourage everyone that comes to Tangier to visit the Tangier History Museum before leaving.

Tangier Island  Museum 
Tangier Island History

The Chesapeake Breeze departs Reedville, Va on the Western Shore of the Chesapeake Bay during Tangier Island Tourism Season as does the Steven Thomas which departs from 
the Eastern Shore of the Lower Chesapeake Bay at Crisfield, Md. 
            Check Schedule.

Round Trip or One Way
Make Reservations.

Tangier Island Information

Chesapeake Breeze and Steven Thomas Cruise Boats docked at Tangier Island
Chesapeake Breeze and Steven Thomas docked at Tangier Island
While coming over on the Chesapeake Breeze or the Steven Thomas ask about  "Group Cruise Rates" 
The Joyce Marie II departs Tangier Island for Onancock Virginia on the Eastern Shore of Virginia twice daily.  Transportation is seasonal.
Check Schedule. 

Round Trip or One Way
Make Reservations

Tangier Island Information

Tangier Island Evening Tours Available, Inquire with Boat Captain

Chesapeake Bay Western Shore Boat Transportation to and from Tangier Island
and Fishing Charters. 
The Sharon Kay III departs Tangier Island for Crisfield, Md.YEAR ROUND days a week in the late afternoon around 3 or 4 pm depending on what day you depart. Return trip to Tangier from Crisfield departs at 4 or 5 pm, again, depending on the day you depart.
Check Schedule. 

Round Trip or One Way
Make Reservations 

Tangier Island Information

Sharon Kay III departing Tangier Island
Tangier Island Evening Tours Available, Inquire with Boat Captain
Bike Rentals 
provided by the Waterfront Restaurant

On the
Eastern Shore of Maryland BB

Whitehaven Hotel

Tangier Island Bed and Breakfasts
One Bed and Breakfast, the Bay View Inn is open all year.  The Chesapeake House is open May thru October.  The Bay View Inn Bed and Breakfast welcome hunters during November and December.  The Mimosa Cottage rentals are available year round as well as Doug and Patsy's place, the Island Girl Get-a-Way. 

Bay View Inn 
A Watermans Hideaway Vacation Rental

Brigadune Inn 



Tangier Island Information

A Chincoteague Island
Bed and Breakfast

Island Manor House Bed and Breakfast

A Chesapeake Bay
Virginia' Northern Neck
Bed and Breakfast

Tangier Island Restaurants
There are numerous restaurants on Tangier Island.  Lorraine's is the only one 
that remains open year round. Lorraine's delivers upon request. 

Fisherman's Corner:  Variety - Order from  Menu 
Four Brother's Crab House & Ice Cream Deck - Ice Cream, Pizzas,  Sandwiches, Crab Cakes & more.

Hilda Crockett's Chesapeake House  -  Family Style All You Can Eat. (Same Menu Daily)
Lorraine's on Tangier - Variety - Order from Menu - 
Waterfront Restaurant - Great Sandwiches.

All offer great Seafood and Crab Cakes

 Chesapeake House

 Fisherman's Corner

Visit Tangier During its Town Festival

Contact us Direct for Details

Please send us your Comments!

Chesapeake Bay Bed and Breakfasts
Eastern Shore of Virginia
Bed and Breakfasts

Miss Mollys Inn Bed and BreakfastClick Here or Above to submit a request for information regarding travel to Tangier, accommodations, restaurants, tours, eco tours, sunset cruises, and more.

Coming to Tangier Island from the Eastern Shore or Western Shore of the Chesapeake Bay, contact the below locations for warm and friendly accommodations on mainland Virginia and Maryland.
Accommodations on the
Eastern Shore of Virginia,
contact the Spinning Wheel BB or The Inn and Garden Cafe in
Onancock, Virginia: in Chincoteague Virginia contact The Island Manor House, Miss Molly's Inn, or the Watson House: in Harborton, contact the Harborton House Bed and Breakfast.
US East Coast Bed and Breakfasts

Where time stopped-still some twenty years ago! One visitor to Tangier Island states, "The most unbelievable sunsets you can ever imagine; no doubt, the next thing to heaven.  It is truly a great experience, getting back to the roots of your being."

No cars, no trains; the only transportation to Tangier Island is by boat or by small airplane. When you arrive, plan to leisurely stroll around the island. Bike and Golf Cart Rental transportation is available:  Contact Tommy@FourBrothersCrabHouse.com or call 757 891 2999.
Obtain information  regarding boat transportation, restaurants, and Bed & Breakfasts, museum, kayaking, and more by going to:  www.TangierIsland-va.com/tangier

The Tangier-Onancock Ferry (Joyce Marie), the Steven Thomas open for transportation to Tangier in May of each year thru September and   transportation to and from Tangier is available year round via the Sharon Kay III.   Also, there is Off-Season Accommodations at the Mimosa Cottage, the Bay View Inn and Doug and Patsy's Place, the Island Girl Get-a-Way.  "Lorraine's on Tangier" welcomes all to come and join delicious foods all year round.   Tangier is a great place to visit even during the tourist "Off Season".  It's quiet, relaxing, and most enjoyable.  Enjoy the museum, kayaking, walks on the beach, and beautiful sunrises and sunsets.Contact Us

Eastern Shore of Virginia Real Estate to include but not limited to both seaside and bayside waterfront real estate provided by the Chesapeake Bay  Samlpler

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